Criminal Appeals

A judge will make several hundred decisions during the course of a typical criminal case. This includes every time the judge says “sustained” or “overruled” during the trial, every instruction the judge decides to give to the jury, and all of the factors the judge takes into consideration before imposing the sentence.  In making those decisions, they are required to follow the law and exercise their discretion fairly. But even the best judges make mistakes. And a mistake by the judge can change the outcome of the case.

Fortunately, the law provides a remedy. In all criminal cases, the defendant has an automatic right to appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, raising any legal errors (otherwise known as judge’s mistakes) that occurred before trial, during trial, and at sentencing. If the judge made one hundred decisions, there are one hundred possible grounds for appeal.

Identifying the errors – the grounds for appeal – is only the beginning. An effective appellate lawyer knows how to find the right law and make the most persuasive arguments. The Law Offices of David S. Santee has successfully represented many clients on appeal in Pennsylvania’s appellate courts. If you or someone you know wants to challenge a conviction, please reach out to us today for a consultation.

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